Monthly Archives: June 2010

Is it a Zebra? Is it a Giraffe?

Is it a zebra? Or a giraffe? Miss Meliss was here for 10 days in May and one of the things we did was go fabric shopping. She asked me to make some tote bags for her friends back in Dallas that were caring for her dogs. We had fun browsing through the forest of…

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Susan is in Tote Bag Hell…It’s Her Own Fault

My sewing assistant, Jennie-Penney By Susan Klindienst Fogel It has been a while since I have had anything to say on this blog. Sew today, I’ll show you two Lazy Girl Designs bags I made. I have been in bag-making hell. I committed to making  five purses, three Summer Totes for Miss Meliss and her friends, and…

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