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Susan Sews a Gauzy-Pink Calypso Blouse…Its a Lutterloh Pattern Hack

Susan Hacks a Gauzy-Pink Calypso Blous   I have always loved the look of a blouse or shirt tied at the waist. There is a Harry Belafonte album cover that my sister had waaay back in the late 50s. Bursting from the cover was Harry Belafonte in a white shirt unbuttoned all the way down…

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blouse made from mysteriously disappeared pattern

Solved! Mystery of the Disappeared Lutterloh Pattern

Mystery of the  Disappeared Lutterloh Blouse Pattern solved! Susan Klindienst Fogel See this blouse. It was something that I made last year. There wasn’t enough fabric to do the facings and  the wrong side of the ties in the gauze. I used a fine linen from fabric-store. The two fabrics just would not play nicely…

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