Monthly Archives: November 2019

Susan Goes Bananas for Yellow Tops and Skirts

Yellow bird, up high in banana tree…  I love yellow! I always have. I went through my “mod orange” stage as my mother dubbed it. I have always worn lots of purple, fuchsia and turquoise. They are gorgeous rich colors. But I LOVE YELLOW. I always wanted to live in a yellow house. And this…

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Susan Shows you How to Organize Your Lutterloh Supplements

Hola all! We have been talking about supplements on the Lutterloh System Facebook page. I decided to make a short video to showt you how I handle my binders, my supplements and my drafted patterns. Thank you Annette Wright for buying so many Lutterloh books on eBay that you bough a duplicate from the 80s.…

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One Lutterloh Pattern, Three Ways, Two Sizes

  One Pattern Three Ways, Two Sizes I LOVE this Lutterloh pattern. Such an elegant silhouette. The color in the fashion illustration is uninspiring. But as a sewist, a creative, a designer, I can see the beauty, the simplicity and how the design will be transformed by the fabric used.   Let’s start with today…

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