Monthly Archives: August 2015

Eureka! Pants That Fit…I Made them!

“Sewing pants is easy…”   “…However, developing pants with a flattering and comfortable fit has challenged women for as long as women have been wearing pants…”    SarahVeblen, fit expert and designer. This is  the re-cap of my year-long quest for perfectly fitting pants.  It all depends on getting a properly fitted crotch curve that allows your…

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A Beach Cover Up, A Polka Dot Vespa, and My First Friend

 Back in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, where I grew up lived my first friend ever, her name Theresa Pennetti Klco. We were blood sisters, and so were our daughters. So were our mothers.We never went to the same school. But we lived across the street from each other through fourth grade.Our family moved away to…

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Where Has Susan Been in the Past Year?

Since just around this time in 2014, the planets aligned and my life changed, Drastically. Wonderfully. And Completely. Here is how it started. In the Spring I decided that enough was enough, I was bone-tired of selling houses. I decided to apply for Social Security and turn my company over to my one and only…

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