blouse made from mysteriously disappeared pattern

Solved! Mystery of the Disappeared Lutterloh Pattern

Mystery of the  Disappeared Lutterloh Blouse Pattern solved!

Susan Klindienst Fogel

blouse made from mysteriously disappeared pattern

where did the pattern go?

See this blouse. It was something that I made last year. There wasn’t enough fabric to do the facings and  the wrong side of the ties in the gauze. I used a fine linen from fabric-store. The two fabrics just would not play nicely together. The lapels are not a perfect match. But I do like the end result.  I feel pretty wearing it. Having learned from the mistakes that I made the first time, I decided to make it again. But where was the pattern? I looked through all of my pattern boxes. The baskets on the back of my sewing table where I dumped stray pattern pieces. At least TEN TIMES! All I can think is that I was so frustrated with the pattern (and actually it was the fabric’s fault not the pattern) that I crumpeld it up and deep-sixed it. So stupid.  It is all that I can think of. My mother always told me that I mistreated my patterns. She was right then and she is right today.

Pattern Review is having a series of Pop-Up Sew Along challenges. This month the project is a woven blouse. Woven is my favorite kind of fabric. Blouses, well I need to replace some much loved and well-worn blouses. Some were looking downright shabby.

So I decided to make that blouse again. In a fit of efficiency, I had saved many older supplements to my cloud drive. At first I scrolled through my supplements haphazardly. Then I became methodical and searched every supplement. No luck. Then my darling, snarky and long disappeared Guardian Angel,  Suz with the dented halo and messy hair planted an idea in my brain! When she is not beating me up, she does plant ideas, good ideas and sometimes cautions me.

“What if I went to the Lutterloh Facebook page and searched for the posting I must have surely made of me wearing the blouse.”

It is etiquette to give the  supplement and pattern numbers in case someone else would like to use the pattern. Let me tell you, scrolling through a year of posts is laborious, boring and unproductive. So I went to that all knowing YouTube and asked how to locate an old post in a group. The answer was simple! And went to the Lutterloh Facebook page and found the photo. And the supplement was listed I went to my drive and found the pattern.

But wait! The fashion illustration was sleeveless. And you can clearly see that my version had ¾ length  flounced sleeves And you know dear readers that I rarely make a pattern as presented ! I hadn’t realized that I had done a hack until I went back to my old post and read that I had laid a sleeved pattern bodice over the sleeveless. I redrew the armscye and used the sleeve from that patter. But what pattern? I pondered. Since I had no idea what pattern I had used to make the alterations I chose one that had a nice sleeve.

Today I am going to draft the pattern, redraw the armscye use the sleeve that goes with the armscye that I copied and I shall get a flounce from another pattern.

So here is my plan for the April :

I shall use supplement 213 pattern 54 for the base of my blouse. I am going to use the armscye and sleeve from supplement 310 pattern 32.I shall simply shorten that sleeve to ¾ length.

I have made this pattern twice before and love the style and fit. The sleeves are perfect for my Calypso style blouse.



The fabric will be this lovely icy pink gauze.















I am making it to go with the lovely long skirt that I made for Christmas and wore with a pink long sleeved knit top.The top was perfect with the skirt for the chilly December weather. The gauzy light-as-air Calypso blouse will be perfect for Spring and Summer. The sleeves will keep me warm in the arctic blast of AC in restaurants.

So that’s my plan!

Last nigh I played a meditation  clip and set the intention to get up and write at least one blog post before I started working on the pattern.

It has been a LOOONG time since we talked, I know. But I am back.I spent all of one Saturday making videos of all of the garments that I made in 2021. Now I have to edit them. I plan to have a Yout Tube channel showing off what I make.

I also have planned a Vogue classic white shirt.Of course there is a story there as well.  It has to do with lost key pattern pieces. A pattertn piece stuck to the sewing room floor because a very royal Chihuahua pee peed on it! Stay tuned. That will be my next post. And as I complete these garments I will write new posts.


His HHis Majesty, Dr Coco-Nut Ibrahim Garcia my precious boy left this earth August 27, 2021




  • Annette

    Reply Reply April 4, 2022

    It’s good to have a plan, glad to see you back blogging.

    • Susan Fogel

      Reply Reply April 5, 2022

      now I have to get sewing!

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