Monthly Archives: October 2019

Baja Susana Presents: A FREE PDF Scarf Pattern. Make One! Make a Bunch!

    P Many years ago, in the last century I designed this scarf. I made bunches for myself and my daughter and as gifts. And then I forgot about it.  With the ability to make my own little pattern into a PDF I decided to do just that. And for my Friends on Pattern…

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Lazy Susan Makes TWO Lazy Girl Designs Bags…For HERSELF

Lazy Susan Makes Two Lazy Girl Designs Bags…For HERSELF! Yes! You read that right/ I made TWO new purses for MYSELF! I sew garments almost exclusively for myself. But purses? There is always a birthday, a holiday, a getwell gift or a “just because” gift to make. I keep fabrics in colors and motifs for…

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Susan Sews a Denim Dream

Susan Sews  A Denim Dream     While I was searching for the photos to upload for this post, I saw one in my photo stream called Denim Dreams! I don’t usually wear jeans. And find denim “jean” skirts and “jean” jackets heavy and constricting. Too much top stitching. Big pockets on the derriere and…

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