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Susan Sews a White Linen Lutterloh Skirt & Saves $100s

  Well here I am entering another contest on Pattern Review (PR). Back in 2007 or 2008 when I joined PR I was just returning to garment sewing. As a result of the 2008 economic crisis, I had lost my job. I was a little lost. That is when my Beloved said,  “Go Sew, just…

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Lutterloh, Linen, Beads and Bling, A Birthday Jacket

Isn’t this the cutest jacket? I love the soft waterfall front, and the self -fringe. I had my eye on this the minute this Lutterloh supplement arrived at my door. When the Pattern Review wardrobe contest was announced, I decided this would be one of the two toppers required. The fringed edges appealed to me.…

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