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Tropical Earrings Inspired these Pants and Sandals Part 1

Part 1 of the Pineapple Express  Pants It all started a few years back when Miss Melysse, my  beautiful, daughter asked what I wanted for Christmas.  “ Mom, what  would you like for Christmas?” she asked.  “ Tropical earrings.”  said I.  “ Like  what, big bananas, crystal palm trees, shells, what?”  “Bright citrusy colors, not…

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My End of the World Purple Metallic Pants

Here I am in the Lobby of the Costa Baja Resort Hotel We have a group of three couples  we call the “French Connection” because two of our friends are French, each married to one of our Mexican friends. We usually have dinner at each other’s house and enjoy a dinner, some vino ( French…

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