A Look at the Inside of a Common Sewing Tool

Sew, have you seen the TV show Sliced? It has just arrived here in La Paz, and we watch it once in awhile. It is interesting to see  things from the inside out.
 Last week I was sewing, and I dropped a common sewing tool. It shattered on the tile floor.
 It was old, , much used, and scratched up, but 100% funtional.
 I was shocked that it shattered.
 But I was interested to see it’s innards.
 Here is one photo. Can you guess what this is?

 Maybe this photo will help:
Actually this is what it looked like right after it fell. Well with a lot less pins, they were scattered on the floor.
I used the magnets to collect all of the pins that scattered before Coco-Nut Ibrahim Garcia, our new Chihuahua started to scarf up the pins. He loves to grab things in my sewing room and run off with them. Here’s a picture of Coco-Nut

Still not sure what it is that I dropped?
 Well, Here is a picture of  the new one I bought when I was in California last week:

Yep! a GRABBIT magnetic pincushion. My old one was red. It was scratched,nicked and dented you could say, very well-used. My best guess is that it is at least 20 years old. I could see no reason to replace it  it did its job. And I have dropped it before. It must have just hit at the  right angle to cause it to shatter.

 So now I have a shiny new GRABBIT!

And here is a beach picture, well a sunrise over the bay with the lights of La Paz in the background:


  • Regina

    Reply Reply April 1, 2011

    So cool to see the inside. I have one the same color as your new one – and I LOVE it!!!

  • Susan Fogel

    Reply Reply April 8, 2011

    Thanks for stopping Regina. It was cool to see the insides of my magic pincushion.

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