A Passel of Pants; Shorts and Capris Using my Fit for Art Platinum Pants Pattern

Lutterloh iguana blouse white shorts

This was going to be my contest entry photo

Last month on Pattern Review (PR) there was a perfect contest for me and the way that  I sew. I usually will make a pair of shorts or pants or Capris or all three and then make a couple of tops to coordinate. It was the Endless Combination Contest.

It was simple make a minimum of four items. Item number two must match item number one, item three  must match  item two . But items one and three did not have to match.

I cut out four items on the first day. Two shaped Lekala tank tops a pair of red  linen pants and a pair of red linen shorts. Because I am using my Fit for Art  pattern, I was able to whip out the pants to the point of needing the waistbands in a day. And the next day I completed the two tanks.

Then I took a side path and sewed like crazy for charity. This was my sewing room on the day of the charity  event.  My Beloved was in the hospital having tests. I did not even visit him on this day. The next day I did visit, and then came home and cleaned up the mess.

the aftermath 1 The aftermath 2And then I sat down and sewed the blouse I am wearing in the main photo here. I also made the yellow polka dot and  white linen cuffed shorts. Then I lost my way.

“Suz!” I yelled to my messy haired feminist Guardian Angel with the dented halo,”What was I doing?”

She was nowhere to be found. Probably  she was sipping a lemon drop martini and floating on a cloud somewhere. I sat and thought about the contest. Then I remembered that I was 3/4 of the way through with  my red pants. And had completed the two tank tops. I could have stopped there. But I thought that this was too simple and the lazy way out. There are four items and they mix and match. But if I were viewing this entry I would have said “unispired.” So now I had my  Grrranimals for Seniors outfit all made. Butwhile the colorful blouse would go with both pairs of pants, the yellow polka dot shorts would not fit in. I needed a transitional piece. Along came the white linen shorts. Perfect. I could start with the Grranimals, progress to the white shorts and then the two red outfits. See, this is where I need Suz. If she were doing her job, she would have  pointed out that I had more garments than the required minimum of four, and they were all finished. And I would have had time to write my reviews and be done.

Left to my own devices, and my competitive spirit, I decided to make a yellow v-neck knit top. It would go with the white shorts and the yellow shorts. Did you notice that there is NO  yellow knit top on this page? That’s because it is in the trash. It’s history. It’s outta here. The last day of the contest was awful. I wanted so much to enter. I started to write the reviews, but it takes time, and capturing the proper code from Flickr to work with PR is time consuming. My Beloved and I went to our neighborhood clubhouse to take photos. It has nice views a pretty mosaic, and  “Oh I forgot! An audience!” Several of my neighbors were having a BBQ. They all made comments on my outfits and voted the white shorts and  blouse their favorite.

Lekala striped top red pants

red shorts and tankShorts whiteLutterloh blouse 2 front

After the photo shoot, and the trauma with trying to get the code from Flickr, Suz came floating in and suggested that I stop with the yellow top, and use the pieces I had and get with writing my reviews.

“Come here a minute, Suz.” Said I, ever so sweetly.

For a Guardian Angel, she can be naive. I grabbed at her halo, and almost got it from her. I was going to send it flying. “Where were you three hours ago?”

“Taking a siesta like you should right now.”

And that is what I did. When I woke I tried to sit down and write clever and interesting reviews, but I was bone tired. So I threw in the towel, and would have added a dented up halo to the heap.

I felt very bad. Let down. I thought that this was a contest that I may have won.

Then on Monday after the deadline I  wrote a long blog post about it. It was clever, sad and sweet, and thank you Windows 10 it disappeared!

So here are my offerings .

I made all of the tops and bottoms  pictured above and the three pair of shorts and white Capris pictured below. If I had just stopped when I was ahead, I would have had a lovely collection for the contest. So Other than the Capris, everything on this page would have been in my Endless Combination. The shorts, pants and Capris all came from on one Fit for Art pants pattern. Reviewed here: Fit for Art Pants Review I am confident that every time I make these they will fit me. So now you know why after telling everyone that I was sewing for a contest, I just  died at the last moment. I was bothered by this for days. I am over it now. I have made a bunch of items since then. And I am continuing with my 100 Days Project. And I am enjoying this project.

And at the very bottom is the pre-dawn view from my sewing room that I took this morning.

shorts yellow detailwhite Capris hem detail.shorts all threesunrise over la paz


  • QSSSue

    Reply Reply June 2, 2016

    Looks like a great wardrobe for your lifestyle and I love the fresh whites and bright colours.

  • Barbara

    Reply Reply June 2, 2016

    You are still a winner, because look at your new summer wardrobe you wouldn’t have otherwise had!

  • Cassidy Rowland

    Reply Reply June 8, 2016

    Love love love the yellow shorts and that fabulous shirt. Love reading your reviews in PR; I have bought a number of patterns you recommend – love the Lekala top you made last year and I am still working on my Fit for Arts pants… Live just a few miles up the road in Escondido! Enjoy your winning wardrobe, perfect for out here!

    • Susan Fogel

      Reply Reply June 8, 2016

      Cassidy, how nice to hear from you. And it makes me feel good to know that you like my reviews and my pattern choices. If you ever come to the big city, let me know. I would love to meet you.
      Please also follow me on facedbook as SusanSewsDailu

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