Brand New Lily Pocket Purse for Miss Meliss

Two  articles have been written. I met my deadlines, so the next few days are for me!
 And today I made a Lazy Girl Desings Lily Pocket Purse.
 I have several cut out as Christmas gifts. And you know how my Christmas went.

 Sew I am finishing these bags and then will be sewing for myself.

 This is  Day Four of the Juice Fast and I am doing well, trying out some juice combinations,  loving some,  and pouring some out! And  the weight is coming off, I am feeling better and look forward to  feeling better and to the END of the  fast.

 So here are photos of Melissa’s bag.

 She is a writer and the managing editor of an e-zine called All Things Girl, and she writes and performs on podcasts.

 Her blog Escribition has a background of typewriter keys, and she even has earrings made from old typewriter keys.
   I had to cut the typewriter motif from the main fabric and piece it, it is a pocket.

 The top band of the purse is also pieced from the body of the fabric.
There are two fabrics . The fabric with ” Paint it Write It” and the typewriter are one fabric. The green with the old fashoned typewriter keys is another.
 “Paint It Write” it is from the Urban Art collection at Zands Fabrics in Denver.
I cannot remember the name of the green, but it is also from Zands. I ordered it all online.

Next up will be the Asian-inspired black, gold and red bag for my friend Laurence ( a woman, she’s French)
 Off to the juicer, then I will start on the next bag.
 I am sewing and happy!

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