Buttons! Buttons! Buttons!


The fabric I used for my Lutterloh princess line pants.

Buttons! I love buttons!

 Buttons are not merely functional.  They can be the finishing touch on a garment.They add style, whimsy and color. They can rock  a basic shirt and make it sing with trendiness.

When MissMeliss was young and I sewed for her I made clothing with ladybug buttons. I added buttons down the front of a colorful blouse each a different color. Oh and I recently did the same for myself. Not the ladybugs, the multi colored buttons! And I have covered buttons to match or contrast with my project. Yes, Mom, I have actually covered buttons.

My mother always admonished me for throwing away what she deemed were usable scraps.

” You could cover a button with this!” I always answered that covering buttons was old-fashioned.


When I saw this  vibrant fabric in a quilting store i purchased 3 yards. I had no idea what i would do with it. I am not a quilter. I sew garments.  But, quilting cotton is soft, durable and fairly wrinkle free. It is lovely to wear next to your skin.

Around Thanksgiving this year we were all wondering if the weather would ever cool down. We kept saying that the almighty “they” had not flipped the climate switch on October 15, the normal time for our weather to cool. It was hot and sunny and bright. But not at all seasonal.Then overnight the weather changed.It got cold. The mercury dropped to the 50s. And the sun took a vacation.

I recently lost a lot of weight and none of my pants fi anymoret. I needed pants that would sit at my waist and stay there and reach to my ankles, You know, winter pants. So I decided to use this lovely fabric for pants. I needed them for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Knowing that my new shape needed new fitting, I decided to make some Lutterloh pants with a princess seam down the front and back.


Here I am on Christmas Eve before adding a long sleeved blouse.We were going out for breakfast on Christmas Eve, and then again On Christmas Day. And I knew that on Christmas Day we would be outside. I needed pants.

I cut these to my new measurements. They were so loose that  they looked like PJs especially in this print. I removed the entire 5/8″ seam allowance and then took in another 3/8 ” on the princess seams. I did this in many steps to make sure that i did not take in too much. I also took good notes and wrote my changes on the fashion illustration and the pattern pieces. Here is the fashion illustration. It is a Lutterloh from 2015 pattern 195 I do not know the supplement. I did not note the supplement number  before I took it apart.As you can see my pants do not look like the casual “fatigue style”. There are no decorative zippers on the front. I did not top-stitch the pockets. And the pocket bags are waaay too long. I ave shortened them for my next pair.After all of the tapering  I am very happy with the fit.

Here is a nice back view with the top that I originally intended to wear with these pants on Christmas Day. For a first time out with a princess seam pant and with so many fit trials, i am very pleased. They are so comfortable! The princess seam helps to take in all the baggy fabric below the bum and at the back thighs. It matches my curves and overall I achieved a good fit.This was taken yesterday at the Organic Market in the historic center of  La Paz..Taking a critical look at these, I need to scoop the back crotch a little and perhaps extend it is as well.. I think that they are cupping a little too much. They are not tight, but I like a slightly different look in back. My next post is about the top that I am wearing in this photo.    It was such a saga, that it is deserving of it’s own post!

If My Beloved were not still recovering from his broken femur, we would be at the beach. This is Balandra, voted the most beautiful beach in Mexico. and it is. And it is right here in La Paz.

The colors are real!

The weather is sunny and warm and paradisical.

For more about the saga of the knit top click herehttp://www.susansewsdaily.com/a-saga-a-serger-a-shirt/

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