Mini-Wardrobe Contest is Over, And Susan Made it to the Finish

The challenge, make 5 pieces that combined to make 6 looks. These are my 6 looks

 As you know from my previous post, my original idea for the Mini-Wardrobe contest was to make a silk blouse, silk pants, and some denim pieces as well.
 The silk was impossible to work with. I am not a newbie to sewing with silk, but this fabric was unyielding, unforgiving, and the blouse is unfinished.
 Two weeks into the  contest I had not finished one garment, and I needed to make five!

One of the five, a “Key Piece” could be previously sewn, or  purchased. I chose to make all five pieces. Here is my key piece:

Short, shaped Denim Jacket as Key Piece



 So I started over.

Using my Lutterloh Pattern Making System I drafted  four new patterns, made muslins of the shorts, crop pants and jacket, then  when I was satisfied with the fit, I made my changes to the patterns and cut into the fashion fabric.
Lutterloh’s system is so well done, that the fit  is usually perfect with minor tweaks. I will be posting about that shortly.
During the  last  weeks of September Mother Nature conspired to add to my challenges. I felt like the designers on Project Runway when they are almost finished with a tough challenge and Tim Gunn walks into the workroom and says ” Designers, I have an announcement…”

 I hate hand sewing, and I especially hate  shank buttons, but I decided to embellish the lapel of the jacket with shank buttons, these are from my long-past 50th birthday party when everyone had to bring a button that they though symbolized me!

 We had daily thunderstorms, which necessitated  shutting down the sewing machine, and holding the terrified dog, Coco-Nut for the duration of the storm.
 We had power outages, brown outs,and  a 6.2 earthquake. And two days before the end of the contest when I needed to take photos and write five reviews plus a composite review we were hit back-to-back by the outer bands of TWO hurricanes.
. We were cut off from town by flooded roads, but town was in worse shape.
 Thankfully, Saturday dawned bright and sunny.
 So My Beloved took many photos and managed not to cut off my head or make me look short and stumpy. Thank you, Mi Am or, for your patience.
 Instead of a button closure on the jacket I opted for an expose zipper. The zipper pull is a silver sea-star.

And to add to my pain and suffering, I HAND SEWED this embellishment to the hem of the crop pants

AND  since I am tired of plain tee shirts and shorts, I decided to embellish the Tees with these lovely  purchased neck trimmings. Guess what? They had to be  sewn on by HAND as well!

 The work was worth the  result. I have received many compliments on all of my garments.
 the competition was   a lot of fun. There is a contest discussion forum for each contest on Pattern Review, and all of us posted our successes, frustrations, and failures. Everyone was supportive, and encouraged others to keep going. Suggestions were made to help a struggling sewing sister, and applause was handed out liberally.  I felt so connected to all of these women. And I felt guilty if I was not carrying my weight and working  hard at it right to the finish.
 There are two more contests coming up, one a “little Black Dress” and another a surprise two-week challenge. 
 I will keep you posted on those challenges.


 Then Sunday morning I made a pot of coffee, closed myself in my studio, chained myself to the computer and wrote all of the reviews
 By 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, I was dazed, my shoulders ached and I had not eaten.
I hit “submit” on the Pattern Review site and  announced that I was done!
My sweet husband peeled me out of my chair and  steered me to the shower.
 I dressed in one of my  new outfits and we went out for Greek food. 

Here is a photo of  the beach in front of my house, there is actually a standing wave where the rain run-off and the bay waters meet!

The voting by paid members of Pattern Review ends on Wednesday, October 10th. 

Oh and the prize? A $75.00 gift certificate  at the Vogue fabrics store and a year’s swatch service.
 The big prize: completing the wardrobe, and getting to know a lot of wonderful women.


  • hmfoster

    Reply Reply October 7, 2012

    Super Susan!
    I especially love the way the shorts shape fit to your lovely curves. The embellishment on the crop pants are totally eye-catching.

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply October 7, 2012

    I love your mini-wardrobe. You did a great job. I just wanted you to know that you don't have to be a "paid" member to vote in Pattern Review Contests. How do I know? Because I am not a paid member and I vote in many of them. As a matter of fact, I voted in this last one and your wardrobe was one of my choices. I hope you win. 🙂

  • Diana

    Reply Reply October 7, 2012

    As I've already said, your wardrobe is beautiful. reading about the work you put in to get your reviews in is very familiar. I don't know if I could do that again. You are so right that the prize is getting our entries finished. What a great feeling. And do you know what? I love the thought that all my pieces are useful and loved as are yours I'm sure.

  • Michelle Burdeaux

    Reply Reply October 8, 2012

    The wardrobe is lovely. I especially like the jacket with matching capri pants. The buttons are unique & enhance the jacket. The Starfish are a fantastic touch! The neck trimmings are beautiful. I love seeing your talent come to life.

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply October 8, 2012

    I love your Mini Wardrobe and all the wonderful touches you added to each piece. How wonderful that you've rediscovered the Lutterloh system and will be able to turn out beautifully fitting garments so easily. nancy2001

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply October 9, 2012

    Great job and I really love those buttons!!! Thanks for sharing, it is always fun to read your stuff.
    Hugs T

  • Diana

    Reply Reply October 16, 2012

    Hi Susan, I found your blog and am hoping I can follow it but your system is different than mine so I don't know how to do it???
    Whwn I have more time I wnat to look back on your posts. I noticed that gorgeous purse you bought I while back .Wow! is all I can say.

  • Melissa

    Reply Reply October 16, 2012

    Aloha Susan,
    Wow-your wardrobe is stunning! Love the embellishments and creativity in each piece of your collection. You are sure to win!
    Take good care,

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