My Obama Pajams for the Pattern Review Recycle Challenge

Her’s to you Mr. President,

My Obama Pajamas, are wonderfully soft, and I am sure that my wearing them on election night put him over the top!
 Many moons ago, we purchased  these lovely Croscill sheets, they were luxuriously soft because of their high thread count. Dreamy and creamy, that’s how I would describe the sheets.
 Then one day, as I stretched in bed, I heard rrrrrrrrrrip! And there went  the bottom sheet.
 It was late night, I was dog tired., so I decided  not to change the sheets until morning.
 Well, I also wanted to change the bed myself.
 Changing the bed with my beloved is, well, frustrating.
 Him: “How’s your side is it straight?” “Can you pull it a half inch?” “No! That was too much.” And on it  would go,  with him admonishing me to wait while he made sure that the fold back was even, and that the corners were tight.
 What I  would say “ Just make the f%^&ing bed!”
As you can see we have decidedly different ideas about bed making, and well about most things that need to be done around the home. As a sewist, and a woman, I gather my tools before I start  any project. As a man, he gets up on the  ten foot ladder and then yells for me to bring him his tools one-by-one.
 So I slept on the torn and tearing sheets.
 In the morning after he left the house, I changed the sheets. I would have left them for the maid but that was two days hence.
 So, I asked my beloved to toss the torn bottom sheet and after the top sheet was washed ( yes he does the laundry, he likes it) to put it in my sewing room. I said “ I have been thinking of  that sheet, and I need a new lounging  outfit.”
 Then the Pattern Review Refashion/Restyle contest arrived.
 And I made my Obama Pajamas.
It was 6:30 a.m. that is green food coloring in the glass
 I used the sheet top  hem as the trim on the neck band and sleeves, and I used a generic pair of pull on pants for the bottoms.
 Here is the much-used Vogue pattern  I  shortened the caftan into a tunic:
 They are still dreamy and creamy, the”fabric” is so soft, it is  wonderful  to slip them on after a day at the beach. All that salt and sand and bending to collect shells is tiring. Having  something sumptuous and sensuous to slip into after a shower is well…
I am sure this snowy egret was visiting my pool to  let me know he voted for Obama as well

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    Just too cute!!

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