Polka Dot Lutterloh Blouse, Saved from Oblivion

This was supposed to be the lining for the color blocked version of this top(shown below that I had made for the Mini Wardrobe contest. 

However, the main fabric was a  cotton Lycra stretch, and this had none. It shredded when I removed it, so I lost the seam allowances. it was on It’s way to being a wadder, but I fixed it.
In stead of the front crossing and covering the girls, there was quite a wide opening. So I cut some fabric from my “Cherries on Top” yardage and made a little bib that looks like I am wearing a cami.

Since the fabric is so light, and I had to find a way to attach the bib, I sewed it in on one side and used Velcro to hold the bib and close the top at the waist.

I sliced the Velcro down the center to make a smaller strip that would work better with the lightweight fabric
The top strip of Velcro is wide and you can see how it would be too much for the fabric. I love rotary cutters! I just sliced it down the middle.

I used Steam a Seam to hold it in place. Note: I pressed the Velcro through some vellum that I use as a press cloth. Then I zig zagged it for a permanent attachment.
Here you can see it sewn in two places.

The buttons are a little heavy as well, so I did not make button holes, Ilet the Velcro do the heavy Lifting.
I have an eye problem, and I am no longer an ace at top stitching. But I love to topstitch. So when I want or need to add top stitching, I use a decorative stitch. That way, if i am not sewing perfectly straight, it doesn’t show, and I also am sure I will catch the edge of the inside that I may have turned under.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes I will. When I started the original I thought I would make one side red, one side cherries and the bottom panels black. It looked too busy on the cutting table. So I changed my plan. I now have half a red version and half a black version cut out.

I love polka dots! I love red and white! So by saving the lining, and making it work, I have a perky, cool, crisp and red top.
I like this style, and I can see it in all black with black pants for our monthly Jazz nights. anyone that has any fitting issues, should try using Lutterloh.
I am also happy that I did not throw this top in the Oh Shit drawer to later end up in a bag of donations.
Here I am in a couple of views.

The red skirt is another contender that i did not use for the mini wardrobe, because my Beloved said that mixing it with the black knit top made the outfit look like the Nazi flag. 
I have enjoyed wearing all of the outfits that I have been blogging about. And being compolimebnted everytime i wear an outfit , is a lovely feeling.
 Here is the view of today, November 2, 2013, and the very high tide. You can see a big bird of prey in the distance gliding on the thermals.


  • Diana

    Reply Reply November 7, 2013

    Very cute top and great save on that pretty fabric.

  • catspec

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    Another great top! Love the dotted fabric. 🙂

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