Susan Cleans Her Sewing Studio

March 28th, Palm Sunday 2010. My new sewing blog is up! And here is something I wrote form another blog that you may enjoy:
Today I am going to clean up my studio. No really, I am! After my Christmas frenzy of sewing almost every gift I gave. My sewing room and fabric cupboards were exploding with fabric I had pulled out to test for color, and threw back in. It took two days to straighten one cupboard . Well they are not small, they are each nine feet high and four feet wide. Luckily they have doors to keep the fabric safe from the hot, searing, relentless, Baja sun, and to keep the mess out of sight.
So here they are all organized:

MissMeliss and her husband Chris came for Mother’s Day and with them they brought a new sewing machine and 100 cones of thread. I have been learning to use the machine and to download embroidery motifs. Do you know how hard it is to find sophisticated designs? I am not a cutesy animal person, or a sweet floral person, and Disney, well…no. Each design had to be stitched out and tested. And new sewing projects had to be designed to incorporate the new designs. What a mess! Thread cones everywhere, I mean, am I going to put them back every time? And then there are the myriad test pieces. And the stabilizer, and the errors, and more errors. The air is blue with my curses. And fabric everywhere. My office portion of the studio has been engulfed by thread, fabric, patterns, fitting CDs and coffee cups. I am convinced that like toys, my thread cones are out at night surfing the web, and using my printer, and who knows what else? Here, look, I have proof!
I am on deadline for two publications,  It is now or never. Clean up organize or drown in clutter. Clutter is a dirty word for me. I grew up in a house full of clutter. I live in a minimalistic modern beach house; there is no room for clutter!
And the weather is heating up, not the scorching, breath-taking, searing, heat of summer hell in La Paz, but the balmy, spring ,heat that warms up the pool and makes it delicious to bob around sipping a cool drink while reading. If only I could bring my laptop or sewing machine into the pool. Well I can, but they wouldn’t work anymore. I need pool time! I need to sew! I have to write!
Soon it will be summer hell and then we hole up with the AC cranked on arctic and read, and pursue hobbies that were ignored during the glorious days of the other three seasons. I am up before the sun, to swim naked in the blood warm water. Then I draw the heavy drapes until 10 a.m. when the shade hits the terrace, then I am holed up until the sun goes down. Maybe I will take a dip or two to stretch the muscles after hours of sewing. Very few of us venture out midday. I was amused by the messages flying back and forth on a sewing forum. All of these women from the frozen north using snow days as excuses to stay home and sew. I can’t wait to tell them I am escaping the bad weather of summer and doing just the same as they did this winter.
So one chore complete: write a new post for my NEW blog!


  • Lazy Girl

    Reply Reply March 29, 2010

    Hi Susan, Your blog looks great. Love seeing pics of your studio and your toes in the sand. My best, Joan

  • drudge

    Reply Reply March 29, 2010

    All Right, Sis! I've been there and wanted a room like that , but you don't have to put it on the web! Jealousy is keeping me peaked,and as soon as I get rid of this horrible C-collar, I'll out sew you! Delia

  • Susan Fogel

    Reply Reply March 30, 2010

    Ok so sister Dee has thrown down the gauntlet to out sew me!
    We'll just see about that!

  • Susan Fogel

    Reply Reply March 30, 2010

    Thanks for visitng , Joan. It's so hard to be Lazy and to sew everyday. Time for a walk on the beach!

  • hmfoster

    Reply Reply April 1, 2010

    Your extremely personal description (cursing blue air )and vivid imagery makes me feel like I am there with you visiting. If only…

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