Susan Finally Makes Progress on Her Mini-Wardrobe

What a spectacularly  awful sewing week.  I broke the deadlock today, finally.

 I drafted the patterns for the denim dress, the denim skirt with contrast panel and the  silk blouse. Based on my normal sewing speed, I should have had the blouse and skirt done by today.

This is the  blouse and skirt I am working on for the mini-wardrobe.

The contest rules changed, so I scrapped the idea of making the denim dress and skort.
 I will make them later.
 So it took me two days to  draft a sleeve pattern that fit me. I have big upper arms, always have, and now that I am a few minutes past 60, my arms are not as firm as they used to be. Sleeves have become a big fitting issue.
 I made a muslin. It fit perfectly!
 I felt  secure about cutting into the silk.
 I cut, I marked. I took time to watch parts of the Democratic convention, I set the intention to get up in the morning and sew.
 I got up, had a delicious swim, made a nice breakfast for me and my Beloved, and  went to the sewing room.
  I made the darts, cut out and fused the facings and the collar. Made and attached the pocket. I was rolling full steam ahead.  Then Mother Nature came calling:

a few minutes after this photo was taken the storm broke over our side of the bay

 The lightning was fierce, the rain  like a deluge, and the dog was in high, full-tilt panic mode.
 I unplugged everything and took doggie to the couch and held him tight. No more sewing.

My Beloved came home early on Friday sick, hacking and coughing.
 We cancelled plans for Saturday.
 I sewed and ripped, and sewed and ripped.  I do not begin to understand why I am having so much trouble. This was with the collar. I love collars, I make them easily. Not this time.
 Then the storm came and I had to shut down.
 Sunday was a day to catch up on Saturday’s errands. I did find a separating zipper, I bought two  just in case the size was wrong. Monday I was feeling like I was catching cold, no sewing.
 today, I got up and went right to work.
 I took off the pocket. It was  cute in the  photo, but on  me it looked silly. I added the facings and collar and they looked nice, not great, but nice.

 So for hours, and hours I  inserted the sleeves, ropped them out, and re-inserted the, finally I decided that  they were good enough.
 The zippers I bought is orange to match a flower in the fabric.
 what do you think?
 I think it is too much contrast, and too sporty. I want the exposed zipper to give the blouse an edge, this does not. don’t you think it is too much contrast and too sporty?

 So I auditioned this black zipper. I like the look, more sophisticated and the zipper pull is interesting. With this pull I need no jewelry.

So the tortoise may be catching up!
 I have to go get a black separating zipper, insert it, hem the bottom and the sleeves and I am done!
 the blouse has a deep V, the top of the zipper is at the bra line, a little cleavage shows. I like the look.
Here is yesterday’s storm:
Please leave comments, I am feeling very frustrated today!


  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply September 12, 2012

    Hi Susan. The black zipper is much better than the orange. The combination of the shell with the zipper pull doesn't work. nancy2001

  • sheryl

    Reply Reply September 12, 2012

    agreed, the black is dynamite! I have some big hyacinth (orange) Swarovski crystal beads you can use to make a fancier zipper pull if you like. I think the color would be perfect. Also – found the DVD and the new-in-package (!!) rotary cutter — will get them to you soon.

  • BeaJay

    Reply Reply September 12, 2012

    We all have days like that when you feel so frustrated you just want to give up. Good for you for continuing.

    Definitely the black – much more sophisticated.

    Great that you are progressing – each step finished is a step closer.

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply September 12, 2012

    I love reading you talking about this all — just like my sewing experiences. It will be done tonight I think to myslef. Two day later, after multiple interruptions and set-backs, it is finished. I like how it is coming together.

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