Susan Receives a Wonderful Sewing Gift

Susan Receives a Wonderful Sewing Gift!

Sew, MissMeliss has been here for ten days without her beloved, and we have had a wonderful time having pedicures, long leisurely lunches, and coffee with some of my friends. She even overcame her childhood trauma of going fabric shopping with me.

Well she was choosing fabric for friends. I had agreed to make some tote bags for her special friends back in Dallas, where there is no beach.

We met with my friend Lulu (a recipient of three of my handmade bags) at Café Exquisito on the Malecon for a café mocha.

Lulu handed me a small soft package and said: “ I saw this and knew it was YOU!”

Inside the lovely tissue wrapped bundle were two tea towels with coffee spelled many ways, cups and lovely coffee drinks stamped on them. I thanked her, gave her a kiss and then…
She took out another bag. And she started to lay out hardware for purses: d-rings, big hoops, a shoulder strap with clasps, the magnetic snap, and the zipper from an inner pocket complete with the brand label still attached.

She said: “A friend purchased a new purse. I asked her what she was going to do with the old one. When she said she was throwing it away, I took out my scissors and cut out all of the parts for you”

And Lulu laid each one out and made sure I saw every one of the pieces. “So does this mean you want me to make you another purse?” I asked with a grin. “No,” she said, “ I just knew you could use these.”

I was so touched. This was a thoughtful gift. And I have already started thinking of ways to use the hardware.

We should all recycle whenever we can. In Mexico it is a way of life. We don’t throw things out that may have another use.

The plastic pointy end on an empty caulking compound tube became the up spout on my decorative fountain.

I have seen coconut shells hinged and made into purses.

Dead palm trees are cut short, up ended, their root ball removed, and turned into planters.

So Lulu’s friend’s Nine West purse will be recycled into something I have made.

And here is a beach photo of Miss Meliss and I, well our newly pedicured feet on the Malecon (boardwalk) beach in downtown La Paz. My two feet, Miss Meliss’ one foot!

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  • Melissa

    Reply Reply May 24, 2010

    Aloha Susan,
    What a treat – 10 days with your daughter and such thoughtful gifts from a friend. I am in CA for the next month…not the trip that was planned but will make it good. Next week am off to the "OC" for a month. Will be checking out some new (to me) fabric shops.
    Take care,

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