Susan Sews a Lovely, Linen, Lutterloh Blouse

Lutterloh yellow linen blouse 1

Yellow, I love the color. My new house is yellow. I have always wanted to live in a yellow house. This is the first house that lends itself to that color. My guest bedroom is yellow with a yellow coverlet.

And last week I made this lovely, soft, butter-yellow linen blouse. It is a basic blouse, but  so comfortable, so pretty. I like it, like it, LOVE it!

This pattern is a “Vintage” Lutterloh pattern from the Summer of 1976. Remember the 70s? Big collars, wide bell bottoms, tie die?

Well this blouse does have a wide collar.

Actually, I cut this collar down by 1.75” and it is still B-I-G.

Lutterloh yelow blouse collar
For some of my friends, it is whimsical, to others just a style from their wicked, hazy youth. For me a nice, crisp, basic blouse. If I make it again, I will cut down the collar a little more.

It also has gathered sleeves, which produce a roomier fit for great air flow in the coming summer heat.This is a view of the sleeve. A little crumpled after several hours of wear on a hot day.

Lutterloh Yellow Linen blouse 3

When I did a first fitting of this blouse before inserting the sleeves, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this would work perfectly as a sleeveless blouse.

The current Lutterloh sleeveless tops and dresses all gape on me. This was disheartening, and surprising. I tried using my high bust measurement for the neck and shoulders but still had ugly gaping in the back armhole.

Working with Sonja Bezudenheit, the New Zealand Lutterloh maven was getting mixed results. This was an issue for other women as well. Sonja is a whiz at manipulating Lutterloh patterns and  is a wonderful friend.

What a surprise to find that the pattern from the 70s fit so well. My friend Lin in the UK says it is because the patterns were sized for a more svelte population.

Other than that pleasant surprise, this pattern went together perfectly and I made it in half a day.

I auditioned a bunch of buttons and settled on these. I call them my Pride buttons. The triangle, you see…

Lutterloh yellow linen blouse button close upLutterloh summer 1976 blouse finished with buttons

There are optional waist fitting darts illustrated on the pattern. I left them out, but I think that I will start with a pair of darts in the back for some shaping. I will do that any day now!

This is a lovely, comfortable, basic blouse that I look good in and enjoy wearing. No drama, just a crisp and pretty yellow blouse.

Lutterloh summer 1976 supp 141 blouseThis is the pattern picture. I cannot imagine wearing a sundress over a blouse, but that was the 70s!

Bringin in the catch                                                                                                                                                                                                   And here is a little Baja romance.

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