Susan Sews a Lutterloh Kimono Beach Cover Up

Well… I have been wanting a little kimono type jacket to keep in my bag   for what I call AC Protection.

It is hot here. And it will get hotter as the summer progresses. And we also have the fifth season of Summer Hell coming in September

Walking from the house to the car you can almost hear your calves sizzling.  Within minutes the car is COLD. It seems that you freeze in the car, or you melt. Turning the fan down means the heat rises.

Walking from the car to a shop or, café or restaurant and your skin prickles with the heat. Pull open the door and the frosty air sends chills down your spine. It is amazing to me to see women in tiny tank tops and sundresses when I am so cold that my teeth are chattering.

Maybe they are cold, but do not want to cover any of their buffed, toned and tan skin.

Well… I now have the first of several little, flowy and light kimonos that can be my AC protection.

Here is the pattern and the test garment in my sewing room. Read on, you will see me at the beach and at Starbuck’s wearing this light-as-feather confection.


This is made from the latest Lutterloh supplement (supp) 305.  Someone in our private Facebook group posted this and said she was having trouble drafting it.

I saw the picture and it was love! My supp had not yet arrived I was feeling very left out and hungry for this darling pattern. I told her that if she could wait a day or two, I would double check the pattern to see if there was an error in the drafting.

The next day as we drove in the gate to our development, the guard handed me a FEDEX envelope!

It contained my long awaited supp 305!

I went home, drafted the pattern. Put supper on the stove, had a swim, ate supper and went to my sewing room to make the kimono.

Not much to say about this pattern. It has three main pattern pieces and a facing. It is nipped in at the waist to give it shape and flares out to a wide hemline to give it movement. My fabric is a printed gauze with wonderful colors.

This was my test garment. I shortened the front by four inches and the back by three. When I make it again, I will shorten it a little more.

So here I am with my sweet friend Prithivi. We were having a lovely beach picnic at Bahia de Los Muertos (Bay of the Dead). A beautiful, wild beach on the open Gulf of California. The color of the water is so beautiful, the beach and water are clean. We had a lovely day.

I am showing off the movement of the top :


Today I was heading for Full Heaven Nail Spa in The Shoppes at La Paz for a pedicure. My Beloved drove me there. I am still gaining confidence with my new eyesight.  I bought a cortado doble and planned to walk over to Full Heaven. But before I did; I asked this sweet and patient man to take some photos.He stayed behind to enjoy his coffee and a piece of lemon pound cake.

In one I am saying “Take a good picture.”

I think that the “Starbucks’s Sippy Cup” looks good with my top, Don’t you?


My next version will be in a tone on tone cream silk that I have had for a decade or three. And for Jaya, my dear friend and mother of Prithivi, a silk in the color of water.

It is a pretty top, and I  feel pretty in it.

My younger sister called me Auntie Mame…

I am sure it was a compliment.


  • Bev Durvin

    Reply Reply July 4, 2017

    Love it Susan! Great colors, nice movement… that is both the kimono & the model!

  • Barb McMurchie

    Reply Reply July 4, 2017

    I like the practicality of the piece but especially love your choice of fabric/colors. Would be fun to wear.

  • Anne

    Reply Reply July 4, 2017

    I love it! The colour, style and movement are all great. I have tended to envy your weather (it’s cold and wet today here mid summer) but maybe not after your description! Here shopping centres etc will have AC (not homes or smaller places) but we really don’t have need of AC protection!

  • Tess Klco

    Reply Reply July 4, 2017

    I love it and the color is so good on you! Happy summer heat!

  • Anne johnston

    Reply Reply July 6, 2017

    This is beautiful. Love the fabric. I have sent for my supplement . I really haven’t had much success with Lutterloh but I will try again

    • Susan Fogel

      Reply Reply January 9, 2018

      I have better success with Lutterloh than with other patterns. If you eed pointers, let me know!

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