Susan Sews a Sexy Striped Shirt

Black and White and Striped All Over

Lutterloh striped top bones

Do you have a period in your life when sewing was an adventure?  Or when you had more time? Or were able to sew quickly and all night long  if need be? My friend, Barbara in Nice ( that France bunky) were talking about how fabric stores actually  used to have fabric that was the same as depicted on the pattern envelope.

I was describing a dress that I made in the 60s. The dress was made of polished cotton and the bishop sleeves of voile in the same print.

“What are bishop sleeves?” she asked.

So I did some extremely taxing   research by typing bishop sleeves into Google. Many different variations popped up. And that is the taxing part. I had to weed through photos of medieval bishops, chess pieces, and finally some sleeves that I felt depicted a bishop sleeve to perfection.  But my favorite was this Stella McCartney top.


Bishop sleeve stella McCartney

I know it is tiny, but it was on a Nieman Marcus store site and this is as big as I can make it.

I love this top. It has all the details that I like: deep v-neck, black, bishop sleeves.

“Barbara”, I said, “ I really like this top. I think that I shall make it, today!”

And I did make it , not quite that day, but that week.

I leafed through my Lutterloh  book  looking for a top that could be adapted to knock-off this Stella McCartney top.

And I found the this:

Lutterloh striped top

So you are thinking, but that does not have a v-neck!  Not a problem, I simply turned the high round neck into a v. I know how many inches deep I need to draw the v. The princess line and the loose, almost bishop sleeves are what attracted me. The fabric is a lovely ribbed knit in black and white and the solid black is a very lightweight knit,  alas too light weight to make the entire top.

The pattern called for a facing on the original neckline. And I did the same on the v neckline.

I do not like knit bands, not do I like the turn and stitch finish for knits. I like a facing. Facings have weight to keep any shape neckline in place. They are more finished. So I made a facing and then top stitched it one inch form the seam line. This keeps the facing lying flat, and is a more elegant finish.

Of the many things that I like about Lutterloh patterns is that they have beautiful darts, and many  silhouettes with princess seams.

Princess seams are most flattering to my hourglass shape. And when sewing knits, the princess line keeps them from looking baggy and shapeless.

What else can I say? I love this top, and will make more when the weather changes again. Next time I shall give the sleeve more of a bell shape, so it  blouses over the cuff. Right now it is summer sewing time. Soon it will be Summer Hell time, when all we wear is a wet bathing suit…if that!

Look at those curves!

Lutterloh striped top 1

You can see the elegant line of the V-neck that the top stitching makes.


The following photos were taken at my chiropractor’s office in Todos Santos. A few months ago he just had piles of sun-bleached bones. When I asked him what he was doing, he said that they were the bones of clients that didn’t pay! Well now he has entered his blue period, and painted them all sky blue. And he has created this wonderful dinosaur. These are cow bones gleaned from the beaches around Todos Santos. No tourists were injured during this process!

Lutterloh striped top bones



Lutterloh striped top and bones

The cafe photos were also taken in Todos Santos at a new-to-us cafe. I love the wall painting, and am thinking this would look great in my bedroom.

cafe wall art composite   Peace and love from Jurassic Park:

lutterloh striped top just bones


  • Dhorea Ryon

    Reply Reply March 23, 2016

    Great blog Susan!

  • Barbara

    Reply Reply March 23, 2016

    What a fabulous top! So slimming, definitely sexy!

  • Barbara

    Reply Reply March 23, 2016

    What a cute top. Definitely a sexy babe.

  • Delia

    Reply Reply March 24, 2016

    love it, too. Where do I get Lutterloh patterns?

  • jean lacocque

    Reply Reply March 24, 2016

    you can use so many materials. love the black also . i just bought two striped shirts and a black one . you have it all going on . great

  • Beth

    Reply Reply March 24, 2016

    This is a terrific top and looks great on you! Thank you for your discussion about the v-neckline and facing finish. You have inspired me to do the same on my next knit tops. Beth

  • Roseanne Roberts

    Reply Reply March 24, 2016

    Beautiful. May i ask what you use for the facing. It does look well done. Knit with fused interfacing?
    I use Lutterloh (or try to). I am very full busted compared to upper body and am having difficulties.
    I am going to see a Palmer Pletch lady in a few weeks.

    I have just made the first dress that fits me EVA. I will post some pics and mayb a review soon.

    Good Job

    • Susan Fogel

      Reply Reply April 1, 2016

      Thank you for stopping and for your comments.
      I make my own facing and on the V neck I do use the very soft Palmer & Pletsch interfascing.
      I am a very curvaceous hourglass, I always have been even at my thinnest.
      I makeNO FBA.
      I use my high bust for necklines shoulder and the top 3-4 dots on the sleeve and armscye. This way I am getting a good fit in that area, then I use my “Lutterloh” bust measurement for everything else above the waist.
      While P&P have many good ideas and I have many of their books including Fit For Real People and Pants for Real People, I will NOT spend the exorbitant costs on commercial patterns only to have to spend hours slicing and dicing.
      And I do not have a sewing buddy to help with the fitting.
      Have you discovered Sonja Bezuidenhut in New Zealand? She has a club with an annual fee of only $49.00 NZ
      A group of us are working on perfecting sleeveless woven tops. Because of age, and computer use, the dreaded high round back has attacked us!
      We all need to compensate for that.
      Sonja is a Lutterloh maven!
      She is our patron saint. Superstar. o rSewing Big Sister.
      I will send you her contact info via email.
      Thanks again for stopping.

  • PatCSM

    Reply Reply March 29, 2016

    Hi, Susan, I always enjoy seeing your new sewing projects!

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