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A Little Linen Lekala Blouse for Summer

Summer dressing; it is not easy to look stylish,and  crisp and remain cool in summer. And here in Southern Baja, where the searing summer sun cooks you as you walk, and you can see the heat waves shimmering above the sidewalk in front of you, the thought of clothing, sounds like torture.I have a standard…

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Stolen: My Gorgeous Summer Purse

Isn’t this a gorgeous purse? We were  in San Jose del Cabo for our 30th anniversary in April.  I was shopping for light cotton shorts, when I saw this. It was love at first site. My Beloved liked it too. He admired the colors and the interesting design. This one was in the window. I hated…

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Embellish Some Flip-Flops and Have Happy Summer Diva Feet

Don’t you just love all of the whimsical flip-flops in the stores?  Don’t you just hate the exorbitant prices? Would you believe I embellished these two darling paris of flip-flops for less than  TEN Dollars…for the TWO pair! I cannot believe how easy  this was.  And so much fun!  Here is a video showing you…

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