The Lekala Top and the Bombastic Boobs!

This blog post is my review of the Lekala Ruched top.  I was going to send this farther away then just to my Oh Shit drawer. I sent some photos to my good sewing friend on Pattern Review. I told her the fate of the top was in her hands. if she thought I looked like Aretha and the bombastic Boobs, it was outta here! I sent two photos in separate message. her first message was: “trash it”, but save the buttons. Her next message was, that with a better photographer, the top looked very nice.
 so here I am giving Aretha a run for the bra department.
Pattern Description: Women’s ruched top. Bodice shaping, and button front.
It took 17 pages to print the pattern pieces.

The photo on the left isthe line drawing and instruction page. The instructions are minimal, and done in poorly translated English.

Here is what the pattern looks like right out of your printer

Here is the page that shows you what the pattern pieces should look like when taped together:

Here it is: a Pattern
It took about an hour to tape it all together. It was fun, and I  am sure it will be quicker with the next pattern

 Well here comes the  construction: I can rarely make a pattern as it is depicted by the designer.
I used contrast facings, and bound the top edge of the blouse front and back with black bias binding. Here is a tip:
Because of eye issues, I am not the ace top stitcher that I used to be. But I still like to top stitch. And when I am attaching binding I want my top stitching to be beautiful and do double duty to hold both sides of the binding neatly in place. So now I use a decorative stitch in matching or contrasting thread. It gives a nice finish and I don’t have to worry about perfection. Here is some decorative stitching on the binding :

Here are the facings that I pinned like crazy to ensure a hassle-free sew on: this was my second attempt at the facings. the first time they were just too short and tight.

You do have to add seam allowances. I am comfortable with doing that since Imuse Lutterloh almost exclusively.
I use my SA curve ruler, it makes life easy. Since this pattern was printed without seam allowances and I many cases there was no room on the papers to add the seam allowances, I used chalk to mark the seam allowances directly on the fabric.

 I made notes right on the pattern pieces. In case I am inspired to make this top again, I will  know what changes I have made.

 This top was not so bad to make, now that i have finished it,  I am glad that I did. I recieve compliments when I wear it.

This was going to be part of my mini wardrobe collection, but the armhole facing gave me so much trouble, I tossed the whole project in my “maybe later drawer”. I gave up too soon. I forgot that there was a 1.5 inch button strip to be added to the front. And without that extra inch, the armholes were not sitting right.
I decided to finish the blouse, and go back to the armholes. After I put the button strip on, the armholes were fine.
I felt that the top was too loose and looked baggy on me, so I tapered it to make it a more close fitting silhouette. Had to take almost 3 inches out of the center back. This also meant removing my decorative top stitching cutting the binding and reattaching it.
My artist friend did not like the black binding on the front, so we tucked it in a took this photo. No makeup hair needing a cut and style But the top is there for you to see. I have to lose a lotof weight, but in the meantime, i am sewing for the body I have and celebrating my curves!

 The concept of Lekala patterns is simple and interesting. The price cannot be beat: they run  anywhere from free to $2.49 US. If you register on their website, you receive a 10% discount. I have read many other reviews and looked at blogs about Lekala. Many SEWISTS have had great success with these patterns.
 Lekala patterns have been reviewed on PR. I suggest that everyone try one.
I also think that I have completely exhausted red, black and white in my sewing.

So for honesty’s sake, I show you the Bombastic  Boobs Aretha version. I think that it is in the photography. I have not removed the binding, I  am just too lazy. And I receive compliments, unsolicited compliments.
Perhaps what I see when I look at these photos and what others see are very different images.

My conclusion is , that I will always have curves, I just want less of them. And  I know that fitted clothing looks better on me than loose bags.
 I have one more top rescued from the Oh Shit drawer. And it is coming up soon.

And then two dresses that I love, and speak to my inner sexpot.


  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply November 4, 2013

    well, sis, I like the red and black, the directions, and the pix. Nobody EVER likes how they look in photos, so don't be so harsh. I wish more directions I read were as concise and clear as yours. As for the avoir du pois try this: a heart healthjy diet where you only eat that which has less than 90 mg of sodium per helping while checking on the amount of fat and cholesterol. You will loose weight..I have!!!!!
    Keep up the blogging.I really do read them. Sometimes I don't respond because I had a dificult ride, or spent the entire day gardening and am just too tired.
    Hugs, Delia

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply November 4, 2013

    I think the top looks great with our without the binding. But I agree that lighting and photography make all the difference in the world when it comes to photos. Overhead lighting is very harsh and casts unflattering shadows on faces and garments. Whenever I photograph my sewing projects on myself or my dress form, I try to use the most flattering light. nancy2001

  • MissMeliss

    Reply Reply November 4, 2013

    All that time on Facetime messing with camera angles and me telling you it needed to have a closer fit, and I don't even rate a name-check? HMPH! Seriously Mom, the blouse is fantastic, and it's okay if you're a bit boob-a-licious from time to time. (Studies have shown, btw, that curvy women are happier, and have better sex than the curve-deprived, so there's that.)

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply November 4, 2013

    I agree with Melissa! And I love the, hot, hot! Hugs Terri

  • Susan Fogel

    Reply Reply November 4, 2013

    Thank you, all of you for your nice comments. And Melissa did consult with me on FaceTime and suggested I make it more form fitting!

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