Va Va Va Voom Nightie Another Lutterloh Success

I Love This Dress!
My mother, Esther was world class at what she called “reclining”. She had any number of caftans, robes , “shifts” and “muu-muus”. I learned from her how to look wonderful, be comfortable, and of course get others to make my evening coffee. 
 Living in the tropics requires softly tailored, cool clothing. That rule applies most of the year. I go through phases with clothing , and my weight.
 This year I have decided that no matter what I weigh, I will always look nice. It is easy when living in a resort to take the lazy way out and wear t-shirts and shorts, but that is just not me. I have been on a mission to make clothing for all aspects of my life. and this dress/nightie is for  those times when i wish to recline.
My Beloved, thinks this is glamorous, sexy and “too much” for laid back La Paz.
No worries honey, I am NOT wearing this one out of the house. But I will be making this in fabrics that are not “too much”.
In addition to being softly tailored, and cool, my clothing must look good with bare feet. 
Here is my review that I wrote for Pattern Review. I have fleshed it out and added comments that aren’t appropriate when you are trying to garner votes!

Pattern Description:

This is my entry into the  Pattern Review Two Week  October Challenge, Lingerie Contest
  It is a long nightie/maxi dress with high bodice, shirring at center front, tie straps.
Pattern Sizing:There are no set sizes with Lutterloh. The bust and hip measurements are all that is needed to enlarge their pattern miniatures.With this system, I am assured of a perfect fit every time with no slicing and dicing of patterns. Miniature pattern pieces are enlarged using a special tape measure and my measurements. If my wieght changes, I just make a new pattern, I don’t have to go out and buy another, poorly drafted, expensive pattern. And every Lutterloh pattern piece fits every other Lutterloh pattern.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? It looked mostly like it. I left off the bow ties on the straps.It was designed for a woven fabric. i chose a Zebra knit!

It is a busy print, and shoulder strap ties are not sexy, and not me!

Were the instructions easy to follow?There are no instructions with Lutterloh patterns.  You must have some basic sewing skills. I rely on the pattern line drawing, the fashion sketch and then if I need more help, I check out the internet and my sister and brother sewists on Pattern Review.This dress was very easy.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

 I love Lutterloh patterns. I would have made a deeper bodice for the old, not so perky,Girls. This top looked so small  sitting on my cutting table, that I did not believe it would fit.

I learned from PR member Tucci4me to make a copy of the patterns, and to cut the pieces apart. That way I will not hurt my original pattern, and the small pattern can remain a part of the paper pattern. I did that for this dress, and it was a better way to use the patterns.
Here is the pattern before it is cut apart. the fashion drawing is on the other side. After folding and pinning and taping both sides get messy:

Here is the pattern cut apart. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this! I have also included the fashion sketch. In the past I would have ignore this pattern because of the high bodice. But i have learned many things about fitting the hour-glass figure:

1.Invest in Good Bras
2.Good Bras lift the Girls and accentuate your waist
3. Show a little cleavage.  The emphasis is on little. As Tim Gunn has said, “You don’t want them falling out on the table.”
4. Buy at least one strapless bra
5. Empire or slightly raised waists accentuat your smallest body section
6. Invest in Good Bras.
I am wearing a Waacoal strapless bra under the Va Va Va Voom nightie. That is for the pictures, At home, just us, no bra!

Fabric Used:A zebra printed super stretchy cotton Lycra.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: This pattern was for a woven.
I drafted and sewed it without seam allowance. I still had to make the bodice back piece about 6″ smaller. I took in the center back from the bodice seam down about four inches by a good 6 “.
I measured the paper pattern and the cut pieces last night and everything was perfect.
During handling and sewing today, the dress stretched and I cut from 3- 6″ off the bottom.
I just flat serged it for my photo shoot, I will do a rolled hem after is has hung a few days. The straps are already falling down. DH helped to mark the hem…we are still married!
I love the look and feel of this dress. I hope it doesn’t keep stretching.And it doesn’t hurt to hear people say how beautiful and sexy you look! And let me tell you, I flet that way.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I would sew it again in a woven. I would make the bodice a little longer to make a nicer bust line. The print hides the high bodice seam. The bodice is short. It looks so tiny in this picture, I did not believe it fit me. And the picture was taken after several fittings. As you can see the bodice is complete and ready to be attached to the dress.

Conclusion: I like the dress, I feel pretty in it. It is a wonderful light, cool dress to put on after a swim, and before the evening cocktails.I had a luxurious swim before my DH took the photos, and being in the dress felt rich.
I doubt that I will sleep in it. But lounge and perhaps have a poolside siesta…yes.                                             

Moonrise over La Paz.


  • Diana

    Reply Reply November 6, 2013

    That's a great looking lounger Susan.I agree that it's nice to look good around the house.No need to look frumpy. And look at that moon!!!


    Reply Reply November 6, 2013

    You look quite gorgeous in your new lounge wear. Nothing wrong with having a little glamour in everyday life.

  • sheryl

    Reply Reply November 6, 2013

    very spiffy!

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply November 6, 2013

    two beautiful pictures…you and the moon. the dress looks so comfortable, I want one, howerev, untilthe next rainy day, I'll be working in my gardens. My lillies need to be weeded! Keep up the good work, you look great, sis. Delia

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply November 7, 2013

    I love this dress and the way it looks on you. It's the perfect outfit for lounging by the pool. Very glamorous! nancy2001

  • Susan Fogel

    Reply Reply November 7, 2013

    Thank you everyone, do you think the next time George a Clooney visits Steinbeck's at Costa Baja he will notice me in this dress ?

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