Valentine’s Day, Coffee, What a Combination!

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful little holiday, and it is especially nice for sewing little gifts.

Sew I wanted to send Miss Meliss a gift for Valentine’s Day, and I wanted it to be something she could use when she entertains, which she does a lot.

So I made the Lazy Girl Designs Suzy purse insert.

Well it was designed as a purse insert, but many of the Lazies on the forum used the design for other things like desk organizers, picnic table ware holders, and one ingenious woman used the small Suzy to hold coasters.

I was inspired!

Then I received a mailing from Janome with a pattern for a set of quilted coasters embellished with hearts!

I was doubly inspired.

Miss Meliss and I adore coffee, we are addicted, and have no shame about that. In fact we are a two woman coffee society.

I have this wonderful coffee cup fabric from the Spill the Beans collection designed by Barbara Tortillotte for Clothworks. I love it! I savor it…pun definitely intended.

I use snippets of this fabric on many different sewn items.

And what would make better coasters than these wonderful cups centered in a heart? Well, nothing.

Sew here is my Suzy as a coaster holder for Valentine’s Day. I made th smaller version and left off all of the pockets.

And this is what it looks like all filled up:
And a photo from La Paz
This cactus was the size of a walnut, I received it from my friend Fernando Garcia when we went to see Mateo, his first grandson. Mateo was five days old whenI  received the tiny cactus. He was less than two years old when this cactus bloomed!

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  • DeeR

    Reply Reply February 12, 2011

    Susan, I LOVE your coffee cup fabric and the coasters are soooo cute! Sure wish that I had bought some of that fabric when it was a current one! 🙁

    Dee in FL

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