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not bossy 3Susan Sews Daily, New Look, New Mood, FREE PDF Pattern!

It has been a long while since I have written anything here at Susan Sews Daily. And it has been almost as long since I have sewn anything.
But I have not been just laying around beside the pool, or wandering on the beach collecting shells. It has been a long time since I have done either of those as well.
But! I have been busy.
Did you notice when you landed here, that I have a fresh new, colorful look?
Good! I knew that you would. I have been working for months with an Internet Guru, to upgrade my blog and turn it into a small business.
I have been sewing since I was a kid. I have always wanted to earn money by sewing.
But I did not want to do alterations, I don’t even hem my own pants if they came from a store. And if my machine cannot attach the buttons, then I am most assuredly not doing that by hand. When cheeky people ask me if I will alter something for them I respond with ; “Would you ask Picasso to paint a house?”

So, alterationist? Um, No!

That is really hard work, and alterationists have to work with someone else’s shoddy construction. I honor those people that willingly do alteration. Not for me.

How about sewing for others?Not Bossy 2


I cannot be patient, I cannot make a micro-mini dress with ruffles for a 50- something woman that should know better. I am afraid that I would have to be truthful! Telling the truth about age appropriate attire to someone unable to recognize that their long-past nubile youth is, well, long-past, is just not good for business.

Scratch dressmaker.

So what can I do? I sew, and I sew well and fairly quickly. I write well, and I can dash out articles on demand. I like to write about sewing.
Add those two together and you get
I also like to design. I have a little formal training, and a whole bunch of practical self-taught, by the seat of my pants experience.

I had a talk with aforementioned Internet Guru. He told me that I had lots of good content, I was a clever writer, and that I just needed a wider audience. He said it was a shame that so few people were reading what I wrote.
He suggested that I write tutorials, and share sewing tips, and maybe even make some patterns.
All of those things will bring in people like you. I can also be an affiliate to businesses like Amazon and Craftsy, and yes I am doing that.

As for patterns, well back in my energetic youth, I designed several patterns. I tried to launch a career as an accessory designer. I even had a small department store in Fresno, California express interest in my scarf design.
That was the 80s.

Remember the 80s? Big hair? Big shoulder pads? Artfully tied scarves?
There were books and videos on how to tie scarves.

I designed a scarf back then that always stayed tied. It could be dramatically thrown over a shoulder, it could be a sophisticated ascot, it could be a shawl, or even draped around the hips.
Well scarves are back. And so is my Street Style Scarf.

Go here to see the scarf on real people: Real People

No, you do not have to be at the beach to wear it. It does look better against the gorgeous colors of Mediterranean or the Gulf of California!
And you know what? It is FREE. It is a PDF and you can down load it here:


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  • Anne

    Reply Reply December 15, 2015

    Welcome back! I love scarves – on other people. I just don’t get them even though I try. Maybe this one will work.

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