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Susan Sets Sail in a Nautical Border Print

the buttons are not tight, they are gaping because of my arm position To me, sailboats are East Coast, and surfboards are West Coast.so when I was up in Vancouver, B.C. last summer and I saw this fabric, I saw surfboards.  Well look at the bottom border, on a quick glance they look like surfboards,…

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Va Va Va Voom Nightie Another Lutterloh Success

iI lover I Love This Dress!My mother, Esther was world class at what she called “reclining”. She had any number of caftans, robes , “shifts” and “muu-muus”. I learned from her how to look wonderful, be comfortable, and of course get others to make my evening coffee.  Living in the tropics requires softly tailored, cool clothing.…

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Susan Sews a Mini-Wardrobe for a Pattern Review Contest

These are the 6 pieces I am making for the contest The challenge is to create  a mini wardrobe or collection using a key piece which can be purchased or  already sewn. The other pieces must form at least 6 outfits. The contest starts today. So today I will draft the patterns, and start cutting…

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