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Lazy Susan Makes Some Lazy Girl Bags!

A long, long time ago,when I was living in my beach house I received a call from my beautiful daughter, MissMeliss. ” Mom! This is Melissa, I need you to sew me something.” What she wanted was a new tote bag to carry her pink MacBook in when she attended a juried writers workshop in…

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Jungle January A Subtle Savage on the Way to Being Svelte

Jungle January, a subtle addition to the wild things, and a celebration of my commitment to  my health.    There comes a time when one must say: ” Enough is enough!” that could be  enough work, enough  suffering, enough alcohol or enough  chocolate. And in my case,  I had enough of  being overweight, sluggish and…

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Embellish Some Flip-Flops and Have Happy Summer Diva Feet

Don’t you just love all of the whimsical flip-flops in the stores?  Don’t you just hate the exorbitant prices? Would you believe I embellished these two darling paris of flip-flops for less than  TEN Dollars…for the TWO pair! I cannot believe how easy  this was.  And so much fun!  Here is a video showing you…

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